Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tie Dye The Night Away.

So I decided to Tie Dye 20 T-Shirts...In Winter...Outside...Wearing Shorts and T-Shirt...
Not one of my wises moves...very long day (well days) but thankfully it payed off! 

Here is the process it took, starting in the morning through to night by the time i had finished. I can genuinely say that i could not actually feel my feet when i came in the house after...
All i can say is, i know how Jack and Rose were feeling...

So i did a variety of colours and patterns, ranging from deep colours to pastel; tie dye to dip dye!

Pictures of the finish products to come! 

Notice my shoes were white at the start...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


. Nail Polish - Models Own .
. Nail Art Transfer Stickers - eBay . 

In the spirit of Movember, rather than attempting to grow a moustache i thought i would do my nails 3:
So i did this by painting my nails white using Models Own White nail polish, i then used a pearly pink nail art pen to create the stripes...well not a 'pen' but the one with a thin brush. pretty easy with a long, thin brush. 
I then used a simple transfer to create the Moustache, really quick and easy to use! all you do is cut the right size out, use a sponge to wet it and then put it on the nail and hold on for 20 seconds and then take the paper off! 

. And Bob's your uncle! .

Basically the same thing as the fake tattoo's you would get as a child of random things like spiderman. 
Bet i looked totally lush as an 8 year old child with a Tasmanian devil cartoon ski whiff on my arm for 3 weeks at a time...

Hand Me Down...Please

 . Iced Cream Nail Art - ModelsOwn .
.Skirt - Vintage . Shirt - eBay .
. Top - Topshop . Levi's Jacket - eBay

When most people hear their mother say "I have brought you some clothes your Auntie didn't want" from a relative that is in her 70's, the average teen would look back in disgust and question if your mother had in fact gone insane...I on the other hand found great excitement in the proposal!

i came across this diamond! the skirt is what i am in reference to! it is truly vintage to say the least! 
It is a rich dark green colour with a beautiful royal golden pattern on. Perfect for Autumn! The belt also came with it which is just a bonus!

Because the skirt is so bold i decided to match it with something simple, i did two different looks - One more casual than the other. The first being a White shirt with gold collar cuffs on that i got from eBay pretty cheap from Hong Kong or some other place like that...needless to say, cheap. The collar cuffs tied the shirt to the skirt with the gold tones. 

The more casual look was to wear the simple Tee from Topshop (sale) which was a lightweight material to contrast with the heavy shirt. the style is pretty vintage in a subtle way with the button down front and pocket. I then pared it with my trusty Levi's Jacket to add a more grunge look to a pretty rounded outfit. 

“Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” -Bikram Choudhury


. Dress - Topshop .

So...its official! I now live in London and have been here exactly a week! 

. New Lifestyle . New routine . New family .

So i am currently doing volunteer work with children which i LOVE but also *cough* 'Seeking a job' *cough* to pay the bills :/

The hair has been chopped! I opted for the full fringe which i am not too sure about... Previously i was able to roll out of bed without a mere comb run through or even a look in the mirror to be perfectly i am no longer able to do that -.- i have to brush, blow-dry, name it, i have to do it to look remotely acceptable. 
I have also gone blonder in an attempt to lose the green which failed but ohh well it is even more pastel-y, if that is even a word. 

So this dress i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, got it from Topshop, it is velvet and all round gets me into the Christmas spirit i have to say, i know too early but i am exited! i think velvet and Christmas are associated from childhood when me and my sister would wear fabulous matching maroon velvet 'Festive' dresses which would be deemed very fashionable in the present day but really not at the time...

. Velvet - You either love it or hate it and i for one love it! .

“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.” ― Heath L. Buckmaster

Saturday, 3 November 2012


. Wet Hair . In a Rush . Not a Care .

 . Topshop Sale - Headband, Ring . 
 . Lipstick - Mac - Angel . 

. Topshop - T Shirt, Jersey Skirt . 
. eBay - Jacket . 

. Looking Plain .

So I guess it is not always about standing out from the crowd and with this outfit i look pretty plain but liked the look. 'twas the mother's birthday so we all went out for a meal, not particularly interesting and nothing very funny to say. 

I FINALLY have hunted down a Vintage Levi Denim Jacket within a price range i found acceptable. After hunting charity shops across the country and having no luck, contemplating buying one from a Vintage stall or shop for £40, and scouring eBay, i came across this bad boy for £8.50 on good old eBay! BARGIN! well chuffed!
I get the feeling i will be wearing it every day from now until my death... I am in love!

This cute little cotton T was in the sale at Topshop for £10, I really love the button down front and little pockets, looks a bit vintage i thought. I am defo turning into an old lady when i picked it up and the soft texture stood out making me think "ohh i bet that will feel good" Comfort is always key...
Double denim...Try double cotton, the way i have unintentionally match this T with a grey Jersey Skirt.